Customer service sets us apart from the rest. 

We focus on time, price, and quality to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Some recent management additions are driving the company in a new direction with more energy than ever and we are always investing in the latest machinery and equipment.

Leslie Bermingham
Achievment First
Associate, Talent Development

"Dear Bob, Trey, Jon, Jamie, & the whole Park Slope Copy Team,

Thank you so much for your partnership on our big survey project! It is so valuable to our work to be able to rely on an incredible vendor like you guys. You always deliver awesome results and with fantastic service."

Achievement First is one of the premier charter schools in the New York area.

Alyson Yaffe

A friend designed wedding shower invitations that I had to get printed within a day. I needed 200 two-sided invitations printed in 2 colors with full bleed on heavy stock. I was walking by Park Slope Copy and walked in to ask if they could do anything like this. They were really friendly and helpful and said they could print them for me. The invitations came out beautiful and was less expensive than I had expected to pay. Overall, a great experience!

Elise L

In an age when the personal service, friendliness, and community involvement of what used to be called " mom and pop stores" are almost a thing of the past, I thank my lucky stars for Bob Kalb and the Park Slope Copy Center.

I have been bringing my work to get copied, stapled, mailed, laminated, collated, fed exed and bound to the PS Copy Center for close to 3 decades -- even before Bob took over the store -- and I have always found their work, humor, support and friendliness to be superlative. Bob and the smorgasbord of delightful young people of every ethnicity who work behind his counters and animate the store (along with the cats, a new puppy, and do I even remember a snake, fish and gekos in years past?) all have often gone the extra mile for me and my not-for-profit community arts center, printing last-minute programs and personally delivering them to my studio when we were in a pre-performance time crunch; coming up with creative solutions to create attractive promotional literature and posters at a price we could afford; and in general, just being incredibly helpful, personable and generous with their time and expertise.

I've also been impressed with how Bob has continued to change and adapt his offerings with the times, constantly upgrading his equipment and services to keep pace with new technologies and the needs of our ever changing neighborhood demographic.

Like that old sit-com "Cheers", I feel like the PS Copy Center is a place where everybody knows my name and that translates, for me at least, in to great service. That kind of personal attention, the history we share, and Bob's active involvement in local community affairs is almost impossible to find in the Slope or anywhere else these days.

Staples be damned. I will always spend my few bucks in a unique place like PSCC which re-invests in their own neighborhood, hires youngsters and oldsters of every color and creed, entertains the animal kingdom within the work place, and works overtime on my behalf. THAT is the business model I want to support and I thank the Park Slope Copy Center for continuing to be outstanding in that way.

Amelia R
Mils' Trills

I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised by the changes happening there. The customer service is outstanding, the turnaround is so quick, the quality is superb, and they really get the job done... with a smile!!

I run a children's music series that is all about supporting local businesses, and I've had such a great response from them about supporting local artists. Park Slope has such a vibrant community and I'm so happy to see that this new generation get's that! They're invigorated and excited about turning the place around, giving the store a face-lift and also even offering some innovative tech solutions soon.

It really comes down to how you're treated when you walk into a store like this - and this new generation gets that. So go in there and ask for Jon!

Mils' Trills is a local music group, featuring unique instruments and a fantastic dedication to music's role in the community